Are you a final year student of either electrical/electronic or electronic/computer engineering or physics?
Is it true that you have been having uncountable woes with your final year project?

At AK-ENG ELECTRONICS, it is possible to acquire vast practical knowledge about design and construction of project. We will give you the necessary expertise (on design, construction &project write-up) required to deal with the following projects:

  1. Fire detector alarm system
  2. Water level indicator alarm system
  3. Over temperature alarm system
  4. Touch activator alarm system
  5. Gas detector alarm system
  6. Automatic intruder alarm system
  7. Musical bell
  8. Police siren
  9. Running message display
  10. Clap activated switching system
  11. 500VA MOSFET power inverter
  12. 1KVA MOSFET power inverter
  13. 2KVA MOSFET power inverter
  14. 3KVA MOSFET power inverter
  15. Light/dark detector switching system
  16. Digital sign board/advert board
  17. Infrared remote controlled switching system
  18. 12V 3A automatic charger
  19. Metal detector system
  20. 10-30AMPS automatic change over switching system
  21. Smoke detector
  22. Automatic street light
  23. Electronic dice
  24. Electronic timer
  25. Mobile phone signal detector
  26. Water level controller switching system
  27. DC motor speed controller
  28. Traffic light
  29. Soil moisture detector
  30. Automatic table lamp
  31. Variable power supply
  32. Wireless power transmission system
  33. Transformerless power supply
  34. AC dimmer
  35. FM transmitter
  36. Solar power supply of any capacity
  37. Digital Electoral Box
  38. Digital multimeter
  39. Digital variable power supply
  40. Digital Transformerless power supply
  41. RFID access control system
  42. Digital car battery automatic charger
  43. Digital metal detector system
  44. Digital power meter
  45. SD card music player
  46. Digital mobile phone signal detector
  47. Distance measuring device
  48. Microcontroller based digital clock with date
  49. Electronic notice board
  50. Scrolling message advert display
  51. Digital Water bath system
  52. Remote controlled digital fan
  53. GSM based car anti- theft security system
  54. Home automation via GSM
  55. Telephone dialer for burglar system
  56. Intelligent traffic light control system
  57. Digitally coded access security system
  58. Digital temperature controlled fan regulator
  59. Digital clock with temperature and date
  60. Intelligent cooker
  61. Dual control digital fan (remote and manual control)
  62. Digital frequency counter
  63. Digital college ringer
  64. Automatic off for CD player
  65. Intelligent security system
  66. Dual Function digital clock (clock+voltmeter)
  67. Infrared door digital counter with 7 segment display
  68. Intelligent 6-channel remote controlled mains switching system
  69. Hotel power management system
  70. Dual digital AC voltage controller
  71. Digital DC motor speed controller with timer
  72. Programmable digital timer for mains appliances
  73. PC based data logger
  74. PC based digital attendance recorder
  75. Intelligent power distribution system
  76. Weather monitoring system

77.RFID based digital attendance monitoring system